Nashville Chapter


March 3, 2020

Presentation: Trish Ethridge, Event Manager for Thistle Farms
Time:  11:00 a.m.
Location: Thistle Farms, 5122 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209

February Meeting

Podcasting for Your Brand


The February RCC meeting took place at United Methodist Communications with special guest Jamie Dunham who co-hosts The Lipstick Economy Podcast.

During the meeting, Jamie went over the reasons that there are now 800,000 podcasts:

  • 51% of adults have listened to a podcast
  • 32% of adults have listened to one in the past month
  • Mobile podcast listenership has grown 157% in past 4 years
  • Less crowded content channel
  • More engaged. More time spent than blog readers!!!!
  • Listeners can multi-task while they listen
  • Spotify, Apple and Pandora are vying for podcast audiences
  • Alexa knows and loves podcasts
  • Growth in time spent with podcasts and the majority of new podcast listeners – women
  • One out of 5 listeners has attended a live podcast event

The Lipstick Economy Podcast that Jamie co-hosts is about marketing to women through the stories of leaders – leaders who are making a difference through their insight, strategy, diversity and creative thinking. The Lipstick Economy is composed of the 100 million women in the US who make 85% of all consumer purchases.

Jamie wrapped up the meeting by discussing what has worked for their podcast since its launch in the Fall 2019.

  • It takes commitment and consistency
  • Booking guests takes a lot of time
  • The production is best left to professionals
  • Leverage your guest’s audience as part of your marketing plan
  • With re-sharing, episodes can continue to grow in listenership
  • iTunes is where it’s happening now & reviews are important
  • Social postings are important for our audience
  • Guest on other podcasts

Executive Committee


Rev. Brian Fesler, Senior Pastor and Director of Special Affairs, Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre, Nashville, Tennessee, 615-687-4600

Vice President for Programming

Teresa Faust, Senior Manager, Research & Metrics, United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee 615-742-5478


Royya James, Conference Relations Coordinator, United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee 615-742-5461

Public Outreach Coordinator

Aisha Lbhalla, Founder, Muslim Women’s Council, Nashville, Tennessee, 615-301-8507

Communications Secretary

Julie Brinker, Director of Community Relations, Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre, Nashville, Tennessee, 615-687-4600

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