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February Meeting

Podcasting for Your Brand


The February RCC meeting took place at United Methodist Communications with special guest Jamie Dunham who co-hosts The Lipstick Economy Podcast.

During the meeting, Jamie went over the reasons that there are now 800,000 podcasts:

  • 51% of adults have listened to a podcast
  • 32% of adults have listened to one in the past month
  • Mobile podcast listenership has grown 157% in past 4 years
  • Less crowded content channel
  • More engaged. More time spent than blog readers!!!!
  • Listeners can multi-task while they listen
  • Spotify, Apple and Pandora are vying for podcast audiences
  • Alexa knows and loves podcasts
  • Growth in time spent with podcasts and the majority of new podcast listeners – women
  • One out of 5 listeners has attended a live podcast event

The Lipstick Economy Podcast that Jamie co-hosts is about marketing to women through the stories of leaders – leaders who are making a difference through their insight, strategy, diversity and creative thinking. The Lipstick Economy is composed of the 100 million women in the US who make 85% of all consumer purchases.

Jamie wrapped up the meeting by discussing what has worked for their podcast since its launch in the Fall 2019.

  • It takes commitment and consistency
  • Booking guests takes a lot of time
  • The production is best left to professionals
  • Leverage your guest’s audience as part of your marketing plan
  • With re-sharing, episodes can continue to grow in listenership
  • iTunes is where it’s happening now & reviews are important
  • Social postings are important for our audience
  • Guest on other podcasts

Executive Committee


Rev. Brian Fesler, Senior Pastor and Director of Special Affairs, Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre, Nashville, Tennessee, 615-687-4600

Vice President for Programming

Teresa Faust, Senior Manager, Research & Metrics, United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee 615-742-5478


Royya James, Conference Relations Coordinator, United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee 615-742-5461

Public Outreach Coordinator

Aisha Lbhalla, Founder, Muslim Women’s Council, Nashville, Tennessee, 615-301-8507

Communications Secretary

Julie Brinker, Director of Community Relations, Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre, Nashville, Tennessee, 615-687-4600

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