It’s a hot topic, generating lots of headlines and heated debates – generative AI. Whether you view it as a great resource that may give the tech industry a much-needed boost, are concerned how AI might impact the future of the workforce, or – like the majority of folks – fall somewhere in the middle, there’s plenty to be learned about this new technology. Communicators especially need to consider how, when and to what extent to use AI.

On Wednesday, June 7, we’ll hear from Aaron Kwittken, founder & CEO of PRophet, an AI-drive platform. Reserve your calendar for the 2 p.m. ET webinar as Aaron presents “Is AI OK? The Promise and Perils of Chat GPT.”

During the session, Kwittken will discuss the potential of generative AI tools such as Jasper and DALL-E that have attracted ample attention lately, with emphasis on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Launched in late November and free and open to the public, ChatGPT holds the distinction of being the world’s most sophisticated chatbot.  His presentation will cover how this tech may impact communication, drawbacks and a forecast of things to come.

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