By Kurt Gwartney

With a quick list of seven tips for podcast success, Christian Piatt with Square Core Media told the Associated Church Press (ACP) and Religion Communicators Council (RCC) members that podcasting should be part of any group’s brand and media outreach.

The professional development workshop was a part of the recent joint convention for the two communication organizations, ACP and RCC, that was set in Chicago.

Piatt, who came early to the podcast universe through work with Homebrewed Christianity’s Culture Cast, now has a company which provides services to organizations wanting help with their own podcasts.

His number one podcast success tip is consistency. “It is a crowded marketplace,” Piatt said. “People have to get you in their routine.”

Consistency in podcasting is important in publishing episodes on a regular basis and in keeping the episodes the same length of time. It also helps to have a consistent format for the podcasts.

Piatt said most new podcasters last only six-to-eight episodes before they learn how hard it is to keep going, so they stop making episodes.

He said paying attention to these seven tips will help lead to podcast success:

  1. Consistency: stick to a calendar and work ahead on your production pipeline. Also settle on a length and format.
  2. Plan your episodes before recording.
  3. Use the right speakers and headphones.
  4. Avoid “vocal fry.” Stay away from verbal ticks and repeated phrases.
  5. Get your episodes mastered. Mastering is ironing out the extremes to make the podcast sound consistent and provide good presence.
  6. Visualize your audience. Remember podcasting is a very personal medium.
  7. Respect your audience’s time. Keep each episode length close to the same.

Piatt also provided recommendations on basic, quality recording equipment for podcast work. He recommends the Zoom H4N Pro for the recorder and Shure SM58 microphones. While he acknowledged there are lots of equipment choices at many price levels, his typical kit is reasonably affordable and rugged for recording in a variety of locations.

For assistance in podcasting, Piatt can be contacted at or 719-406-4577.


Kurt Gwartney is Senior Director of Communications at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK and is a member of RCC’s Board of Governors.

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