Religion Communication Congress 2020 (RCCongress 2020) is less than a month away! This convention provides opportunities for you to learn cutting edge strategies and skills through hands-on opportunities, academic and applied research, practical workshops, and thoughtful plenaries.

Rev. Jim Wallis

On Friday Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. Thomas L. Bowen, and Rev. Emily “Michelle” Ledder will participate in a panel discussion about facing implicit racial bias within ministries, communities, and society at large.

Rev. Jim Wallis is a globally respected writer, teacher, preacher, justice advocate, regular international commentator on ethics and public life, and mentor for a new generation. He is a New York Times bestselling author of twelve books, including “America’s Original Sin,” “God’s Politics,” “The Great Awakening,” and “The Call to Conversion.”

Wallis is the Founder, President, and Editor-In-Chief of Sojourners. He served on President Obama’s White House Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and has taught faith and public life courses at Harvard and Georgetown University.

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