RCC is seeking a part-time executive administrator for remote work!

The ideal candidate has a background and experience in communications, public relations, or another of the disciplines our membership represents.

He or she will also have a heart for interfaith cooperation, collaboration and education, and be comfortable working with and helping people of a wide variety of faith traditions.

This position will report to and take direction from the board, through the president.


  • Communicate with and report to the RCC President on a regular basis
  • Update the RCC website with news and events (ours is based on WordPress – very easy to learn)
  • Compile, compose and send a monthly newsletter (we use MailChimp – also easy to learn)
  • Manage member services, solicit new members and renewals. (we manage our membership on Wild Apricot, but are interested in other options)
  • Schedule, send reminders about and attend board meetings
  • Assist with:
    • soliciting funds from members, sponsors and foundations
    • our annual convention (planning, promoting, on-site assistance, misc. administrative tasks, etc.)
    • our two awards programs – the Wilbur Awards and DeRose Hinkhouse Memorial Awards
    • various webinars and virtual events

What does “assist with” mean? In the past, we had an outstanding executive director who was the driving force behind our convention and awards. We would like that again! But we realize a part-time executive administrator may not have the capacity to run all these programs. So we would want you to assist board members and others who are already working on these programs. This may involve such activities as:

  • attending planning meetings
  • communicating with potential program participants or sponsors
  • soliciting entries for the awards program by email, phone, social media etc.
  • helping with logistics at the convention
  • promoting and organizing webinars
  • arranging volunteers to help with any of the above

Additional Duties

We are interested in your input. What else would you like to do to forward the RCC mission? What would you change or suggest about the above?

Time commitment

  • This is a part-time position
  • Averaging about 10 hours / week.
  • Start as soon as possible!
  • Busy season is in the fall and spring as we head into our awards program and convention
  • We do not wish to micro-manage your time. There may be weeks during the busy season where you work 20 or 30 hours. There may be weeks in the summer where you work 10 minutes.
  • We will start with a 6-month contract. After that, we’ll look at how best to proceed.


  • Remote! You can work from home or anywhere.
  • One known exception to remote: you will be needed in person at the annual convention.
  • You will need to pay for your own office supplies, computer, phone, Internet etc. We figure you already have these and you can use what you’ve got.
  • You’ll need a good Internet connection for virtual meetings
  • We will forward an RCC phone number to your phone, and you can make outgoing calls through the RCC number if needed


  • This is a contract (“1099”) position. We are not offering benefits, and you will be responsible for your own taxes, self-employment tax, etc.
  • We will have you submit an invoice at the end of each month, detailing hours worked and what you were doing. (You should keep a journal throughout the month, or use a spreadsheet or maybe an app like Clockify.)
  • Paid monthly, after we receive the invoice
  • $35 – $40 / hour, depending on experience

Full Time?

Does the above sound like a full-time job? Well, all of the above has been being done by board members in their spare time. And with all our combined might, we have not really put in 10 hours a week on average.

But–we are open to change and set on growth, and this could certainly go full time. If you enjoy working with the most amazing religion communications professionals ever, it is our goal to work up to a full-time office and staff. How soon? Help us build, and it will be as soon as we can!

Indicate your Interest

Want to know more? Want to apply? Contact our president, Rev. Brian Fesler: brianfesler@gmail.com

Deadline to apply: December 20, 2022

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